Industry 4.0

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GoEPIK - Plataforma Indústria 4.0

The GoEPIK platform helps companies of different industries and sizes to create their own Industry 4.0 solutions and Digital Transformation in an autonomous, flexible and fast way, without bugging IT. 

Technological autonomy

Try it yourself different technologies in your process. It doesn’t require programming or IT resources.

In one single place

Create and execute processes and workflows that connect different business areas, clients or partners.

In your way

Hyper-customization. Customize, test and scale 4.0 solutions for you company in your way, in your time.


Execute and monitor processes in a smartphone, tablet, augmented reality glasses or web browsers.

Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Internet of Things

Integrate machine data, IoT sensors or wearable technologies in a customizable dashboard. Solve challenges in Field Service, Quality, Maintenance, Training, Workplace Safety, Audits and much more in an independent, creative and intelligent way.

Plataforma GoEPIK - Tecnologias 4.0
Plataforma GoEPIK - Componentes

Machine Learning

Augmented Reality

Voice Commands

Yes/No Questions


QR Code


3D Models

Accelerate your Digital Transformation and 4.0 Industry journey
with 15 ready-made components

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