Did you know that…

10 k
Sheets of paper are wasted by employees each year
3 %
Of the company's earnings is consumed in paper spending
50 %
Of the physical waste of a company is with paper

Source: Gartner Inc.

Why does GoEPIK make the difference?


Our platform optimizes every processes quickly, in real time, and with flexibility


You decide which processes and fluxes you wish to have in our platform


Create clear workflows with well-defined SLAs that integrate ALL the industry units.

Use the GoEPIK technology to stand out in the market

To innovate is the most secure and guaranteed way to stand out from your competitors, increase value and competitiveness. This means it’s necessary to be attentive to the new technologies to implement strategies that work for your business.
Thus, experiment the digital transformation of the Industry 4.0 and leverage your results.

Try out the GoEPIK platform

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Security of data

GoEPIK guarantees more security for your company’s datas via our innovative technologies. We store, process, and protect big volumes of information. In our remote cloud storage system, your files are free of virtual attacks or even getting corrupted.

Real time operation

Transform digitally. All processes of your company happen in our platform in real-time with security and speed, minimizing losses and increasing productivity.


In our platform, a process of digital transformation is called EPIK. Each EPIK can me built within minutes with the help of 15 components ranging from yes/no questions, checklists, lists, pictures, videos, augmented reality and speech recognition, among others. Each personalized and edited YOUR WAY.